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About the project Across/North

Across/North [Across the North], started as a temporary photography project of Ina, a girl who quit her job and left germany in 2017 to start her biggest adventure: solo travelling through the northern hemisphere, searching for the best stories and visual encounters. Driven by pure curiosity and passion, she captures subjects in their natural environment and light. Connecting through the lens with the life around her, she shoots the world as it appears to her, leaving space for the various objects to fill it with depth and density. Across/North is hosting exhibitions, collaborations, creating short movies, print images and magazine articles to tell stories. Open to any collaboration or changes to this project the main goal is to do whatever the contributors want to create.

Project Goals

As dreamer and creator we want to tell story trough pictures, video, word and art. Your media assignment and the print store fund the independent work we encounter. 

Let me know, if you have an Idea to hire us for an existing or future production. Here are some examples of different projects we can accomplish together:

  ● Expeditions

  ● Exhibitions

  ● Storytelling through pictures, blog and magazine articles

  ● Guest in your podcasts

  ● travel experience exchange or advice

professional background

Ina originally started as a digital compositor in an advertisement environment. Here she learned to produce high quality image solutions for different cases of application in an extremely fast living professional setting. Her task based creative work now is following an professional longstanding experience in dealing with video and graphic tools and a modern design understanding. She has a self-employed working method, is reliable and punctual. 

What we can create together

We produce, shoot and edit all our projects. That includes the following skill set:

  ● Project management

  ● Filming

  ● Video Editing

  ● Color Grading

  ● Retouching

  ● Digital Compositing

  ● Sound Editing

Commercial projects include without limitation the following work:

  ● Unconventional portraits in film and photography

  ● Print display

  ● Studio and agency promotion

  ● Brand image film

  ● Advertisement

  ● Product film

  ● Explainer video 

  ● Kickstarter media   

  ● Event film

  ● trade fair and exhibition film

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