Densely Inked

Ending more by accident then plan in Nagarkot, a small village 2 hours out of Kathmandu, the Capital city of Nepal, this movie was done even more by Chance than intention.
A friend asked me to shoot some pictures of him getting a tattoo on his head. I thought it is a joke, but said straight yes to the opportunity to drive into the hills of the Kathmandu valley. Here was the 5th International Nepalinked Tattoo Festival and I started shooting some videos next to the pictures.
Nepal is a creative vibrant Country in the middle of Asia and home to Dreamers and Creators from all around the world. Artists are influenced by international competition and Friends as well as tradition and religion, from which most young people like to break out from.
I tried to capture the polarities of Nepal as I experienced it, loud, hectic and also calm and focused and hope you can enjoy it as much as I did, while visiting it and producing this film.

Hot Curbs & Cool Pools

I was lucky to film the 5th Girls Skate Jam in Munich. What a fun day.

The edit is not done by me.

Music from  24/7 Diva Heaven.

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